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Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to be able to start using inTOUCH?
basic requirements are:
 - A ‘Personal’ license for ‘Specialist Practice Manager’ for the User (specialist)
 - Web server software (Microsoft IIS 7.0) running on a computer on your network.
 - Your SPM database is using Microsoft SQL Server, not Microsoft Access
 - A secure connection from the web server to the internet
 - A mobile device that is able to run a web browser (and has a data plan).

How secure is inTOUCH?
Security systems to protect the patient records, and your data, are extremely important. There are 3 components that need to be secure – the web server, the mobile device, and the internet connection between to two.

The web server will need to be properly set up to ensure that all avenues for unauthorised access are blocked. This includes encryption of the data that is
transferred between the webserver and the mobile device; and also authorisation, to ensure that only you can connect to the web server.

Of course, the smartphone or tablet could be ‘mislaid’, but inTOUCH doesn’t store or hold any patient data; and you should be using a PIN number to secure your device.

If someone did get unlocked entry to your device, the inTOUCH application also requires your SPM login and password.

As the details of the security options are much more extensive we will be happy to discuss them with you or your hardware/network provider.

Why does inTOUCH have such limited features compared to SPM?
It is not SPM. It is not built to be a replacement for SPM.
It is designed for clinicians, not administrators
It is designed to be fast, intuitive and simple to use.
It has been driven almost entirely by the requests and feedback from specialists who want to enjoy the benefits that mobile technology can provide them.

Does it include a 'dictate' function?
We chose not to include a dictate function as there is some very good software already available (www.nch.com.au/pocket) and also the screen buttons on the  smartphone are not quite as agile and user-friendly as the traditional dictaphone.

How is inTOUCH licensed?
The licence for inTOUCH is separate from the ‘Specialist Practice Manager’ licence.
But like a Personal licence for SPM, it is licensed to you, the User (specialist), and does not have any limits on the number of devices that it is
used on nor
the number of concurrent connections to the database to access your records.

Click here for the Terms & Conditions of the inTOUCH software license.

The license fee is based on either:
 - quarterly subscription only, or
 - up-front fee and reduced subscription fee.

What is the subscription fee for?
The subscription fee enables you and your staff to receive free support from the Incisive Helpdesk to assist you with the use of the inTOUCH application. 

You will also receive free updates to the software as they are become available.

If you are using the subscription only option, the fee will also include a capital component.

Is there any future development planned?
We believe that the opportunities for the development of the inTOUCH application will lead some of the most interesting growth and change in the use of medical
software, in the specialist medical and private surgical hospital sectors.

So far, almost all of the functions have been developed from the requests and feedback of the specialists who have been helping us with the early development.
We intend to continue with this interaction and use it to ensure the future development of the application continues to meet your requirements. We welcome your ideas and requests.

I’m in a large practice. Can I use inTOUCH even if no one else wants to?
Yes. The inTOUCH application is licensed to each User (specialist) and can be configured to run for just you or everyone.

Will I need to buy more hardware?
For the average practice it is likely that the computer system that you currently have will be adequate, although each system needs to be assessed and recommendations made in conjunction with your hardware/network provider.

Depending on how you use the inTOUCH application, if the data transfer speed is too slow, or you are frequently viewing image files, you may need to look at upgrading the internet plan you are on.

Is there a cost to set up inTOUCH?
Each practice will be different as to the amount of work that will be required to establish a secure web server on your network, and enable remote access for
authorised devices.

If you already host your web site on your server, have digital certificates, and your mobile device retrieves email from your mail server; then it is possible that
much of the system may already be in place, and it may only require the inTOUCH software to be installed on the web server and connections made to the database.

What if I lose or change my phone/tablet?
Compared to having a copy of the database on your laptop, the security of the patient records are greatly increased as the data is actually on your server, not your mobile device.

If you are using personal digital certificates to connect to your
server, your new device just needs to be authorised with the web server and your old one deleted.


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